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We are Kent and Nathan. The Czars of 45 RPM. We are 45 RPM all of the time with passion. We spotlight 45 RPM records of various genres and tips for improving playback of your collection and our goal is to have fun! We especially love rare Soul, R&B, Garage, Psych, classic rock and more. Welcome to our world!

Monday, December 20, 2010

45 RPM pick of the week!

Today's 45 RPM pick of the week is "Fannie Mae" by Buster Brown. The pictured pressing is a 1964-1965 era reissue 45 on Vee-Jay's Oldies 45 label. They licensed this title from Bobby Robinson's Fire label and this song was a top 10 R&B hit. From the super collectible Fire LP, "The New King Of The Blues". My 45 was pressed in California by Monarch Records from original Fire Records stampers and is genuine Mono. Even the Sphere Sound 1968 reissue of the LP is a rare coveted collector's item by Blues and R&B fanatics. This excellent reissue cost me $2 in VG + condition and plays superbly.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome To TheBlog, It Is Here And It is Mellow

We welcome you to our new blog. It is here and mellow. We will post a new record regularly and some history behind it. We will try to have a post by one of us or by both of us. Our goal is to have fun and to spotlight some unsung little 7 inch slabs of styrene and vinyl. We will also post tips on transferring your finds to CD and tips on getting the best playbacks.