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We are Kent and Nathan. The Czars of 45 RPM. We are 45 RPM all of the time with passion. We spotlight 45 RPM records of various genres and tips for improving playback of your collection and our goal is to have fun! We especially love rare Soul, R&B, Garage, Psych, classic rock and more. Welcome to our world!

Friday, January 14, 2011

45 RPM playback and the equipment we use!

Kent's turntable setup,

Technics SP-25 motor unit (their parlance for turntable)
Audio-Technica ATP-16T tonearm
Stanton 681 EEE-S II cartridge (I use the A light tracking conical stylus for 45 RPM playback and mono LP use). All of this mounted in a custom mounting base. Basically a broadcast turntable in home use. It worked at an FM station when new. Nathan and I both use Stanton 680 family cartridges with conical needles. We use these conical styli to reduce wear on styrene injection molded 45 singles and also due to their superb tracking on loudly cut 45 singles. Nathan's main turntable is the Technics SL-1200 Mk II. He uses a Technics receiver with Kenwood speakers. I use a McIntosh MAC 1900 receiver or my Sansui 4000 receiver. My speakers are original Large Advents from 1973. All of this equipment was purchased used and retail. No free equipment supplied to us.

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