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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The new record of the week.

Sunday afternoon was very nice and I visited Nathan at the record shop. He explained about some new 45 RPM singles in stock. Didn't see much which grabbed me until I saw a 45 with a White Peacock Label and I had him play it. A nice rocking instrumental with slam and impact and the ad libbed Vocal aside "Spunky Onions" interspersed. Don't know the date of this one but it sounds like 1960 all over again. Billy Davis and crew really turned in a nice Texas slab of wax. Flip side is a Doo-Wop ish tribute to the late Jesse Belvin of "Goodnight My Love" fame. Cost me $3. Not bad for this one. And it's a high VG original. Not too many nice Peacock originals down this way in Tennessee. Many thanks to our reader, Chip-HP for giving me a correct issue year for this 45, 1960.

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