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Sunday, February 20, 2011

New singles we just scored or another radio station library yields forth good singles!

Sorry for the brief hiatus, I am now back with Nathan. We recently attended an auction of the former WOKI-AM/FM studios in my former city I lived in, Oak Ridge, TN. The old studios on Tulsa Road are being demolished soon. I once assisted Buster Sutton, chief engineer when ill or on vacation maintaining the Collins AM and FM transmitters and the old automation system which was tape based. An estate sale company helped sell the contents before the building gets torn down and a new Hotel gets built. There was lots of nice open reel tape machines, cart machines, reels of tape and records to be had cheap and even a Technics SP-10 which needed some repairs (they wanted $400 for it). Which gets us to the record of the week.

Our featured single is from The Staple Singers and is a Vee Jay classic recorded in 1960 and released in 1961. That's right, I've gone off the deep end and posted a Negro Spiritual 45 single. But the famous Staple Singers later on crossed into secular R&B and had successes there on Stax. The tune discussed is "Don't Knock" which spotlight's Mavis Staples' lovely lead vocal which is pure and musical. Pops Staple's lead guitar licks are tasty and the harmonies are lovely and the tune is soulful and tasteful all the way. Johnny Pirkle got some 45 singles from what I think was WATE 620 (now WRJZ which began life as a Top 40 powerhouse and now is gospel) and this one is superb. And it even has a Vee-Jay Company Sleeve (you don't see too many of those anymore)