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We are Kent and Nathan. The Czars of 45 RPM. We are 45 RPM all of the time with passion. We spotlight 45 RPM records of various genres and tips for improving playback of your collection and our goal is to have fun! We especially love rare Soul, R&B, Garage, Psych, classic rock and more. Welcome to our world!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Single posts and update!

It's been very busy around here between foot and ankle issues with me and Nathan preparing for Record Store Day. I had to go to Ankle Foot Orthotic braces, or AFO braces. Needed for gimpy, physically challenged attempts at crate digging. So, carbon fibre and Kevlar save the crate digger's day. So Allard Blue Rockers are now a key tool when record hunting. For further information, go to www.allardusa.com.

So, without ado, TheCzarsOf45 give you today's new off beat 45 single. It is actually Cuban Mambo meets jazz and has nice vocal asides. So, to quote the often cool Xavier Cugat, "Yum, Yum, Delicious" so we have before you "Watermelon Man". Cuban bongo beats meet jazz big band. Mercury hit this classic out of the park. Estimate that this 45 was issued sometime in 1963. And it's a vinyl pressing DJ single in Green Label livery. And was well loved and used on air.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New finds lately and lots of crate digging and more!

The crate digging has been at fever pitch lately. Good finds have yielded forth here in the land of the 45 RPM single. Today's entry is one of the best off the beaten path for us. So, let's get down, get funky, and get loose and get into this entry. It is "Slap Some Lovin' At Me" by the great Bobby Patterson & The Mustangs. It's from 1967 or so, on the Abnak subsidiary label, Jetstar Records. Meaning some killer Texas sounds. This one is a rare posting of a B-Side for us. Northern Soul hounds have dug this one for some time. Paid $2.50 for this yellow slab of cooking wax. And it's a DJ pressing. Stock copies of this one are black vinyl and much scarcer.