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Sunday, September 11, 2011

We're Back, sorry for the hiatus!

Nathan and I have been busy, lots of new record arrivals (no photos this post). And I have been dealing with clubfoot issues. But, no more moping. Music's better. So, let's get to today's subject, The Memphis Sound!

We'll break this discussion down to the two major record labels in Memphis, Soul and R&B being the main subject matter.

Hi Records. They were formed in Memphis in around 1960 and Joe Coughi and Bill Cantrell and a consortium of several Memphis businessman began the label. So, some music at hand to discuss.

Al Green. He was in the early 1970's the driving force of the label's success along with his superb producer, Willie Mitchell. Willie's soulful, sophisticated dynamic sound spearheaded Hi's revival as a Soul powerhouse internationally. Some of his tunes require special attention and are worthy of listening to. They are:

I'm Still In Love With You
Love & Happiness
Call Me
Sha-La-La-La (Make Me Happy)
Take Me To The River

Syl Johnson. One of the best lesser known Hi artists who made many fine sides for the label. My favorites are:

Take Me To The River
We Did It

Hi had many other artists we know and love. In both R&B and in Country Music. In further posts, I'll discuss more of them. Also, in later posts, we'll discuss the famous Stax and Volt empire and the sister labels.

In passing, we would like to pay homage to all who served after the horrific events of September 11, 2001 and all Americans and all who lost their lives in this heinous attack. We all lost something that day and our lives will never again be the same. Freedom isn't free.