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Monday, December 5, 2011

Another nice 45 slice of Soul today!

This new 45 is a little bit newer than we normally feature. This one dates from sometime between 1970-1971 or so, features that superb ballad group, The Moments. Sylvia Robinson was at the controls on this session.  "All I Have" is superb, the flipside is uptempo. Followup to the superb "Love On A Two Way Street"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas, Czars Of 45 Style!

Christmas season is coming right upon us. So, today's post will cover Christmas tunes in our own way. So, today's post will cover one of our favorite bluesy classics by Charles Brown in 1960 for Cincinatti, Ohio's legendary King Records. Our pressing here is a late 1960's reissue post 1968 when  King Records merged with Starday Records. So without ado, here it is! Merry Christmas from The Czars Of 45. Please Come Home For Christmas has proven itself as a standard. Still one of mine and Nathan's favorite Christmas classics.

New finds and yesterday's Roadtrip!

Had to drive to Knoxville yesterday. Had AFO braces yesterday rubbing on my ankle area. Had to get the insert above the footplate modified and the strut required extra padding. Coming out of Crockett O & P, my hand controls on my Volvo broke at a weld fitting. So my neighbor in Knoxville came and collected the car and my ladyfriend arranged for new hand controls to be installed and the car ferried to the garage where a fellow vinylphile and Volvo mechanic installed them and did some minor repairs on the car, thanks Ingrid and Colin. So, Ingrid's neighbors drove to me and drove her spare station wagon to me. So, I got to do some crate digging. Saw fellow blog maven, Nathan and saw Jay Nations at Raven Records and Rarities (who has an awesome 45 RPM selection also) and visited Wild Honey Records (a new shop in Knoxville and a nice fellow who's name escapes me)

So, without further ado, here it is, the music:

First thing up, some 1965 or so era Garage sounds which are superb. A cover of The Reflections' excellent Detroit classic, "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet. Michael & The Messengers turn in a rollicking good Garage rave-up here. Wesley Willard's sympathetic production is to be commended. A Nuggets selection as Nathan wisely wrote on the 45 price sticker. Paid $3.50 for this scarce delight. By the way, Lost & Found Records is in a nice new store with more space (they even have the old house they now have the shop in ramped complete with handrails, thanks Mike and Maria, you made my life easier)