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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Czars go Country again and with Controversy.

Hello again blog followers. Today's entry discusses an interesting story. It is 1969, the Hippie and Woodstock generation is at peak. Drug lyrics are common on records. And the grass is everywhere in the music and the times. Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City USA is at their peak of efficiency turning out superb, slickly produced Country music productions right and left. Enter today's blog entry. This blog entry is inspired by a Facebook Group posting in "I worked in Radio when". So enter a song written by Tom T. Hall who is best known for his storytelling of life and times. It is sung by Jimmy C. Newman, a Grand Ole Opry legend. The track is "Future Farmers Of America". This track gets recorded, released to radio as a promotional 45. The FFA get offended, Decca just as they are releasing this 45 to market decide to pull this 45 off the market. And staunchly write they will never market this song ever again. The last line of the song which mentions M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A was something unheard of in Country music commercially. Controversial and revolutionary then and now. So, here is a scan of the aborted 45 RPM single and the letter from Decca Records withdrawing this track from the market. Decca even wanted existing copies destroyed.

Here it is, complete with the "NO" admonition to disc jockeys. Here below in the second scan is the letter from Decca Records withdrawing the 45 release.

So, there you have it. Complete with the whole backstory.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Czars go Country and Truck Drivin"

Today's superb entry dates from 1963 and was a major salvo in the Folk, Country, and Saga song genre not to mention Trucker songs. Dave Dudley recorded this classic in 1963, Six Days On The Road for Golden Wing Records in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This record worked it's way East and West and became a big hit for Dave Dudley, turning him into a superstar. This 4 on the floor Country shuffle, that low gravelly voice makes me want to climb my stiff legs into a 18 wheeler semi and go for a long haul. And has stood the test of time so very well. The Teamsters Union later on granted Dave Dudley honorary membership for life for all he did on behalf of the truck driver. And our nation's lifeline depends on these trucks to get our goods to market, even down to this fine Orange Vinyl pressing mastered at the superb Kay Bank Studios in Minneapolis, MN. So, here it is for your enjoyment.

So, enjoy and have a great time. And be turned on to more great music. Hope to see you later and more often.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Czars went Boogaloo today!

Some great new Boogaloo came my way recently. Here is a great Alvin Cash & The Registers classic from Chicago. "Alvin's Boo-Ga-Loo" to be exact. It's from 1967 and very catchy. It's uptempo, danceable, and a mover. Mar-V-Lus made a lot of fine Soul and Boogaloo records in that time frame. I have lousy luck finding them in nice condition, this example is actually a nice copy compared to my other records on this label.

So, stay tuned to this blog for more fine 45 RPM goodness. And enjoy bookmarking this blog. Nice to have the tools to properly feed this off again-on again blog and to properly join the Soul Blogosphere in a small way, with some Lounge and other sounds thrown in.

Some new Soul!

Today's superb recording is a duet between Otis Redding and Carla Thomas and one of the classics from Stax Records in Memphis. Otis and Carla cook like crazy with the superb Stax House Band behind them and funking up the party. So, here is "Tramp" as the new single classic celebrated here.

And this fine Soulful Duet is from 1966. And a Memphis classic. Enjoy Barbeque Memphis style and your preferred libation along with this

Friday, May 2, 2014

The blog is back!

Hi and some new posts. I am back. My grandmother, Nancy G. Latham died on October 31, 2013. She was 92 years old. A fine woman who taught me my love for music. She was patient about my incessant love for fine records and music. And in spirit, she wished me to continue what I do. So without adieu, this post and every post which follows is a tribute to Nancy.

Today's post is a great 45 from a superb Soul singer by the name of Mickey Murray who made several great records for Nashville's Shelby Singleton and his fine record label, SSS International. Today's 45 entry covers my favorite 1968 45 single of his, his superb cover of Otis Redding's "Shout Bamalama". And on that funky note, I now have a proper scanner. So here is a beautiful image of that pressing. This replaces a well worn ex-jukebox copy I scored in Knoxville, Tennessee with a nicer copy scored at the last Record Show in the same city.

So, please enjoy. I plan on again making this blog a regular part of my life. Nathan and I are happy to return.