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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Czars go Country again and with Controversy.

Hello again blog followers. Today's entry discusses an interesting story. It is 1969, the Hippie and Woodstock generation is at peak. Drug lyrics are common on records. And the grass is everywhere in the music and the times. Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City USA is at their peak of efficiency turning out superb, slickly produced Country music productions right and left. Enter today's blog entry. This blog entry is inspired by a Facebook Group posting in "I worked in Radio when". So enter a song written by Tom T. Hall who is best known for his storytelling of life and times. It is sung by Jimmy C. Newman, a Grand Ole Opry legend. The track is "Future Farmers Of America". This track gets recorded, released to radio as a promotional 45. The FFA get offended, Decca just as they are releasing this 45 to market decide to pull this 45 off the market. And staunchly write they will never market this song ever again. The last line of the song which mentions M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A was something unheard of in Country music commercially. Controversial and revolutionary then and now. So, here is a scan of the aborted 45 RPM single and the letter from Decca Records withdrawing this track from the market. Decca even wanted existing copies destroyed.

Here it is, complete with the "NO" admonition to disc jockeys. Here below in the second scan is the letter from Decca Records withdrawing the 45 release.

So, there you have it. Complete with the whole backstory.


  1. Interesting they don't want to antagonize and offend..seems to be.common place now days for record labels. I wonder if this is NOW found on some CD reissue. I love weird stuff like this

  2. Well, how does one HEAR this ditty?

  3. By finding an example of your own. I don't post music due to not wanting to risk the wrath of the copyright police.

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