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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Czars go Country and Truck Drivin"

Today's superb entry dates from 1963 and was a major salvo in the Folk, Country, and Saga song genre not to mention Trucker songs. Dave Dudley recorded this classic in 1963, Six Days On The Road for Golden Wing Records in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This record worked it's way East and West and became a big hit for Dave Dudley, turning him into a superstar. This 4 on the floor Country shuffle, that low gravelly voice makes me want to climb my stiff legs into a 18 wheeler semi and go for a long haul. And has stood the test of time so very well. The Teamsters Union later on granted Dave Dudley honorary membership for life for all he did on behalf of the truck driver. And our nation's lifeline depends on these trucks to get our goods to market, even down to this fine Orange Vinyl pressing mastered at the superb Kay Bank Studios in Minneapolis, MN. So, here it is for your enjoyment.

So, enjoy and have a great time. And be turned on to more great music. Hope to see you later and more often.

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  1. Good one! I've heard this one since I was a kid. Love the orange vinyl!